Filippetti SPORT 55: piloting is even more exciting thanks to the Shipyard’s cooperation with XENTA and Twin Disc.

Filippetti SPORT 55: piloting is even more exciting thanks to the Shipyard’s cooperation with XENTA and Twin Disc.

Since its very debut, the ‘Arneson Surface Drives by Twin Disc’ surface drives version of the Filippetti Sport 55 has proven to be one of the best-performing yachts in her class.

Developed in close cooperation with Davide Cipriani from Centrostiledesign, this 55-footer was born to give her Owner the thrill of piloting a yacht that has pure sportiness inscribed in her DNA.

Besides creating a flawlessly-designed hull thought to achieve top performances, Filippetti Yacht has chosen the best partners, to deliver an even-more-breathtaking yachting experience. The Filippetti Sport 55, indeed, seals the beginning of the cooperation between Twin Disc and XENTA: thanks to XENTA X-I2, the central unit that manages the operation of all XENTA systems installed on board, Filippetti Yacht’s fast cruiser features, for the first time ever, one single advanced interface for the management of ASD surface drives and XENTA trim controller and driving systems. The full integration between Arneson and XENTA achieved for the Filippetti Sport 55 enhances the pleasure of driving, the yacht’s manoeuvrability, both when cruising and in confined waters, and her performances.

XENTA is a leader in the development and manufacturing of integrated steering and trim control systems for yachts and superyachts, offering a complete range of innovative products that allow for total control of a vessel, whether cruising or manoeuvring, offering maximum performance and superior reliability.

The Arneson by Twin Disc surface drives, which the shipyard installs standard on high-performance boats as a result of its long-standing partnership with the American manufacturer, are excellent propulsion systems that guarantee outstanding performances and high reliability, but may sometimes be challenging for those who are not familiar with them.

“We have chosen these two strategic partners for our Sport 55 with the certainty of endowing our product with great added value, but also to respond to those who would like to approach the world of surface drives for the first time, but feel intimidated by the greater complexity of these systems” says Filippetti Yacht’s CEO Giovanni Filippetti “With these innovative XENTA systems on board, driving our Sport 55 will become a piece of cake”.

The integrated Xenta system (X-Steer – the electronic steering system -, XENTA X-Power – XENTA’s electronic throttles for engine power control -, and XENTA X-Tab – the flap control system) allows to manage the dynamic trim of the boat while cruising, automatically adjusting the flaps position and the pitch and trim of the ASD surface drives. The captain will only have to manage speed, forgetting about the need to adjust the trim manually to find the best performance – undoubtedly a great advantage for those who are not familiar with surface drives, be they captains or owners.

Moreover, the shipyard will offer the opportunity to install the XENTA X-Dock manoeuvring joystick, too, which electronically manages the power delivered by the bow and stern drives proportionally, as well as engine power and the Arneson drives orientation. “Using the XENTA Joystick, the captain will be able to perform mooring operations as easily and safely (and perhaps even more easily and safely) as with any hull equipped with shaft drives or other systems, which conclusively debunks the myth that boats equipped with Arneson drives are difficult to steer.”

One more option the owner can choose to install on the Filippetti Sport 55 is the XENTA X-DP (Dynamic Positioning), i.e. the XENTA system capable of keeping the boat steady and the bow-pointing angle at constant compass degrees, without having to drop anchor.

This new package will be available for all Sport 55 boats fitted with Arneson Surface Drives.

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