Explorer Yacht 36 meters


You can splits the boats into different groups. Each boat with specific criteria claim to a general macro category. Some definitions are clear, like joining for sports yachts. However, what is still not very clear is the definition of Explorer yachts.

We will now review some of the characteristics of these yachts, which are fundamental requirements to be including into this type of boat.

1- Created to travel long distances, exploring the world in total serenity;

2- Designed with a robust hull to be able to cruise even in remote areas: an edge an Explorer yacht can go anywhere, safety at first point. The most common material for the hull construction– surely for his robustness – is steel.

3- Great navigation autonomy;

4- Superior storage space, given the long range cruising

These yachts, besides being "robust", can be real jewels, designed with mastery and craftsmanship of those who have been building boats for decades.

Filippetti Yacht proposes a series of displacement yacht in steel and aluminium, with the possibility to customize the size, the layout and the type of propulsion (hybrid, diesel, electric).

Explore our Explorer serieshttps://filippettiyacht.com/fleet/e-series/

Navetta 26 Cross the Ocean


This is one of the questions our customers ask us many times. We are absolutely able to respond to this with a big YES and we have the proof.

Navetta 26 landed in Western Australia after 12 days of sailing, through the China South Sea and the Java Sea and then heading toward the Indian Ocean. During this adventure, Navetta 26 has shown its full DNA of a boat suitable for long distances due to the high sailing range and the low fuel consumption.

It was thanks to the large fuel capacity (about 20,500 litres) and the limited emissions that Navetta 26 has been able to make this long trip without the need of intermediate refuelling, sailing all the time in blue water.

The video documents everything.

At the helm of Navetta 26, Fausto and Giovanni Filippetti, who personally handed over the boat to the owner.