Filippetti Yacht returns to the Cannes Yachting Festival, which will run from September 6th to 11th 2016.

The shipyard will proudly show the Filippetti N30, a yacht that took home some of the most prestigious awards in the nautical field. Fausto and Giovanni Filippetti will proudly welcome aboard press, owners, dealers, and enthusiasts to admire the spacious 30-meter vessel, and present the new fleet of Filippetti Yachts, including the N30’s big sister, the N35.

“The Filippetti N35 was born by the Fame of the Filippetti N30” says Giovanni Filippetti, “Designed by the Italian studio, Hot Lab, this vessel is set to become the flagship of the entire Navetta Series, and is a project that myself and Antonio Romano of Hot Lab strongly believe in. This year has been trying for us as we have worked to revolutionize the entire range and divide our models by their types of navigation: Fly, Sport, and Navetta. We have created these new projects in the hopes that they will become as treasured and appreciated by their future owners as they are to us.” 

The Sport range has launched two compact and elegant yachts, the Filippetti S65 and the Filippetti S55. Now both in development, these vessels deliver incredibly high performance and are created with the upmost attention to detail, signed by the Italian studio Centrostiledesign by David Cipriani.

The latest addition to the Filippetti Flybridge series is the Filippetti F93 – a yacht that combines the large and luxurious spaces and comforts of its category with more aggressive and elegant lines typically associated with open yachts. Designed by Fulvio De Simoni, the Filippetti F93 has officially launched and will be splashing in North American Waters in September 2016.

Filippetti will offer organized sea trials during the show aboard the Filippetti N30, an excellent opportunity to experience first-hand the fine craftsmanship of Filippetti Yacht.

Where to find Filippetti Yacht:

Extension Super Yachts

Stand: SYE212

Boat in display: SYE031

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