Filippetti inaugurates a new optional package ( “Northern Cruising Pack”) completely dedicated to the owner that want to sail in coldest countries.

This package has been studied for N series.

  • The first concerns the hull shape: the bow is designed in icebreaker yacht style.
  • Special attention is given to the thermal insulation. This has been done through the use of double glazing in the windows. In other words, window are made by two separate pieces of glass with a gas filled space to reduce the heat loss. Moreover, additional insulation with anti-vibration technology is used on the walls to ensure quiet operation even during night cruises.
  • Another important features is the new  fly deck design. This new layout offers more comfortable spaces and allows to enjoy interior space for long  stays on board. The Convertible version features an aft sliding glass door, oversized windows, and a very large retractable sky light located in the center of the living room. The idea is to making this cozy living room a bright space directly connected with the outside.
  • In addition, to protect the cockpit in case of bad weather or rough sea, the shipyard includes a cover protection. 
  • For comfort and additional convenience, an oil boiler system can be installed to preheat the boat prior to boarding. This system allows the owner to remotely start the heating system through the use of a connected mobile device.

In conclusion, the features includes in this package demonstrate Filippetti Yacht’s commitment to delivering a personalized luxury experience.

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