Fly Bridge versus Sport Yacht


Another topic of debate in the yachting world is the difference between the various types of boats, in particular the central theme is the definition of Sports Yachts and Fly bridge.

23 metri imbarcazione sportiva

A Sport yacht, or even an open yacht, is a boat whose main features are:

  • High performance
  • planing hull
  • single deck on the hull
  • sporty and appealing look

Sports yachts are designed to reach high speeds. Thanks to the different engines and propulsion configurations, they are able to achieve high performance in terms of maximum and cruising speed.

flybridge yacht 76 piedi
Filippetti F76 – FLY BRIDGE SERIES

A fly bridge boat is characterized by having an area in the “roof” of the boat – namded fly  – where there is a driving position and a sunbathing area.

This area is generally covered by a hard top.

Furthermore, these boats are designed with a planing hull. 

Both sport boats and flybridge are often equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

Unlike sports yachts, flybridge are by definition more comfortable even if they are still very performers.

F93 luxury Yacht for saleSometimes it happens that these two styles merge. This happens when sports boats become large enough to be able to position a driving stattion and a sunbathing area on the fly.

This type of luxury yacht is called Sport Bridge.

The Filippetti Yacht range

The Filippetti Yacht range includes 4 series of yachts, including the S SERIES and the F SERIES.

The Sport Series (from 55 to 75 feet) is equipped with the most advanced technologies. Each open boat is designed for the owner who loves to sail with speed and style, without compromise.

The Flybridge Series brings together three essential elements of luxury yachting, achieving the perfect balance between design, comfort and performance. With premium on-board features and sprawling conversational areas, the Fly bridge – Series is well suited for excursions and entertaining.


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