Navetta 26 meters low fuel consumption


The Navetta Yachts (N SERIES) are quiet boats that guarantee high comfort standard during the cruising.

The whole series design benefits from special measures that improve the quality of the life on board.

The Navetta Series is designed with environmentally sustainable criteria:

  • displacement hull
  • soft, rounded lines
  • reduced emissions and consumption,
  • large fuel and water autonomy etc.

First of all, to increase the comfort on board and discrease the noise vessel on board the Shipyard gives particular importance to acoustic insulation. This is very important because the N series is designed to travel long and relaxing cruises thanks to the high water and fuel autonomy and reduced fuel consumption. 

Moreover, the walls are equipped with an additional insulation, which thanks to the use of anti-vibrating glass in the glass surfaces, makes the yacht quiet even during night cruises.

Test made on board by professionalism

A test made by professionalim shown that N26 detected a lower level of noise in decibels than the typical dialogue between two people when cruising at 13 knots.

Most importantly, aboard N30, the noise level still measured below that of a normal conversation when cruising up to a maximum speed of 17 knots.

Navetta 26 Test with sea trials by “Power & Motoryacht”: 

Download the pdf : Filippetti Navetta 26 – Power & Motoryacht

Navetta 30 test with sea trial by Yachts International:

N30 test with sea trial by “Yachts International”. Discover more:


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