The “crew” issue is a topic that interests many owners when designing their yacht. One wonders if a yacht without a crew is possible. However, to understand if this request is feasible, it is important to clarify these aspects with the Shipyard:

  • What will be one of your yachts? How long is everything going to use it?
  • Is the owner able to maneuver the yacht in complete autonomy?
  • How big is your boat? Will I be able to manage it autonomously safely?

For clarification, it is essential to consider that the crew can be divided between technical staff (captain, mechanical engineer, etc.) and service staff (steward, chef, hostess, etc.) – usually employed in larger yachts.

What will be the use of your yacht? How long are you going to use it per year?

At the time of design, it is already clear to its owner what the use of his boat will be.

There are those owners who love to steer their boat, others who only seek the pleasure of cruising. There are those who prefer to have the boat all to themselves, and those who prefer to have a crew at their service. There are also those who love to use the boat all year round and those who can use it only a few months a year.

The intended use of your boat also conditions the choices related to the crew.

A boat that will be used as a Charter Yacht will have to provide not only the technical personnel required by law but also the service personnel.

If instead, its use is personal, it will be possible to reserve less space for the crew members, as the guests will carry out the duties on board.

PLEASE NOTE: The rules on the number and type of personnel on board are dictated and imposed by the Navigation Class and the flag, as well as by the size of the boat. It will, therefore, be important to evaluate all these aspects well with the construction site during the design phase.

Is the owner able to maneuver the yacht in complete autonomy?

In order to navigate and maneuver the boat, you need a boat license and all the certifications suitable for cruising. It is also necessary to have a minimum of technical notions to be put into practice in case of a failure while in the middle of the sea. There are true sea enthusiasts who have all the knowledge necessary to steer their yacht in complete safety, but also those who see time on board as vacation and who prefer to have someone do things for them.

Boat size

The bigger the yacht, the more the presence on board of technical figures with specific skills will be necessary. In addition, a large yacht also requires greater care also in terms of maintenance.

 Shipyard Solutions

Division of flows as an optimal solution

In larger boats – where a minimum of the crew is needed – the Privacy issue is the crucial aspect.

The study of guest-crew flows, if done carefully, guarantees extreme discretion. A clever division of the spaces ensures that the work areas do not interfere with the spaces dedicated to guests.

When technology can help

During the design phase, the Shipyard can meet with ad hoc solutions.

A similar request was received by the owner of a 26-meter trawler. This yacht boasts important dimensions, and in nominal conditions, it is managed by a crew made up of 3 or 4 people on average. The request of this owner was to be able to manage the boat independently without the constant help of a professional crew.

Solutions have therefore been adopted that have made it possible to drive the boat in a total autonomy: thus reducing management costs and increasing privacy on board. Four remote command posts have been inserted, two forward and two aft of the Main Deck to facilitate mooring maneuvers, in addition to the main command post on the upper deck. Each station has been equipped with all the controls and displays necessary to have full control of the boat.

These solutions come in handy while sailing, but a Navetta 26 needs a fixed presence on board even when it is moored in the Port. A remote monitoring system has been installed onboard to manage current onboard, space heating/cooling, etc.

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