Building a yacht is not an impulsive decision, but it put the basis on the experience and professionalism of the shipyard that designing the boat. After identifying with the ship owner the characteristics that the boat has to have, defining everything in smallest details, the construction may start.

This is the most delicate phase because from here is possible to understand whether the builder is competent. The experience is now the most important factor that ensures a well-done construction. In Filippetti Yacht, professionalism is guaranteed by the more than thirty years of Fausto Filippetti‘s experience: the yard offers all the knowledge to its customers to create a solid and safe boats.

All Filippetti yachts are made in fiberglass through the vacuum infusion technique (SCRIMP SYSTEM). The creation of the hull, deck and superstructure is carried out with the same process of building on a female mold with single-layer bottom lamination and sandwich sides with PVC core. At this point, the shipyard can start with the realization of electrical and hydraulic systems, to the painting and to the external and internal installation.

Regularly a report is sent to the owner to keep it updated on the construction phases.

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