Customized Fly_ N26 Filippetti
Luxury Yacht N26_Lounge


We have already presented the new version of the Filippetti Navetta 26, inaugurated by the construction in progress which will leave the shipyard in the coming months.

This new configuration allows the amateur to enjoy an internal sitting area, which can be opened if necessary, thanks to the retractable side windows and large ceiling windows (Find out more).

This welcoming salon has been curated by Hot Lab Yacht & Design, which has designed the interiors of the entire boat. Every detail has been studied to create a perfect balance between an elegant style and a more refined one: the result is an extremely welcoming environment where classic and modern merge into a harmonious system. The interiors are striking for their precious materials and exclusive furnishings.

The refined leathers, the lacquered surfaces, and the original fabrics in neutral shades combined with the warm tones of the essence of American walnut wood, creating an evocative chromatic contrast that enhances the style. The lounge has been set up with a relaxation area, a comfortable leather sofa and a natural wood teak coffee table welcome guests.

To complete this space, a white maple wood bar cabinet conceived as a large and functional space.


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