How to design a custom yacht


Like any work of art, there are countless hours that go into creating a Filippetti Yacht.

Not only do the Yachts require many hours of labor and hand-craftsmanship to build, but Filippetti also spends a great deal of time on the planning and design process to ensure that every yacht is uniquely crafted.

When a shipowner decides to buy a Filippetti, he buys more than just a Yacht. From the moment the contract is signed, the owner becomes a part of the team. They drive the vision of the team’s work, whose focus is to understand and fulfill the wishes of the owner.

Unlike other mass production shipyards that only allow personalization in décor, Filippetti works with owners to customize every element. This personal approach is fundamental in Filippetti’s work process and serves as the basis for every creation. Before construction begins, Filippetti’s technical team analyzes the owner’s requests and creates proposals for creating custom solutions. Together, the team crafts the plans for the perfect Yacht.

As a luxury yacht boutique, Filippetti Yacht sees every customer request as an opportunity to innovate and bring the owner’s dreams to life.


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