Filippetti Yacht Shipyard is proud to announce the launch of a new unit of Filippetti Navetta 26, with the interior and exterior décor in collaboration with the Milan studio, Hot Lab yacht & design.

Every Filippetti yacht offers the owner the ability to customize the interior and exterior décor and layout. The result is an increasingly unique and tailor made yacht, where the stylistic choices of the owner combine with the innovative solutions of Filippetti to best meet their needs.

The customer had some very clear ideas about what characteristics he wanted in his boat,” said Giovanni Filippetti, CSO of Filippetti Yacht “together with Hot Lab, we worked closely with him to exceed all of his requests”.


In particular, the owner of the vessel wanted to be able to navigate throughout the year in the Northern Seas. Given that one of the hallmark features of the Filippetti Navetta Series is the abundance of natural light that illuminates the boat through large glass windows, it was critical that this design aspect be maintained. In order to achieve this and ensure comfort in the harshest of climates, special attention was given to the thermal insulation of the windows. This has been done through the use of double glazing, creating an insulated window formed by two separate pieces of glass combined with a gas filled space to reduce heat loss. Additional insulation with anti-vibration technology has also been used in the walls to ensure maximum comfort and quiet operation, even during night cruises. For comfort and additional convenience in consideration of the cold temperatures of Northern Europe, a KABOLA oil boiler system was installed to preheat the boat prior to boarding for increased comfort. This system allows the owner to remotely start the heating system through the use of a connected mobile device.

This experienced yachtsman wanted the ability to maneuver the boat without constant assistance of a professional crew. Filippetti has taken a series of measures to ensure that the boat can be handled independently, reducing operating costs and increasing on board privacy. Four remote command locations – two forward and two aft of the main deck, have been installed to facilitate anchorage maneuvers in addition to the main helm on the upper deck. Each station has been equipped with controls and displays required to have full control of the boat.

The long range cruising ability of the Navetta 26 allows it to travel over 3,000 nautical miles without refueling. Combining this with large volumes of available storage on the main deck and fly bridge, the Navetta 26 makes long cruises worry-free and more enjoyable than ever before.

This custom build has allowed us to introduce a new fly deck configuration that will now be available to all Filippetti customers.  New owners can choose between the “open” version of the fly deck, that features a wide terrace with a bar, sundeck and a dining area that can be covered by a canopy, or a ”convertible” version of the fly deck. The CONVERTIBLE version offers a spacious living room perfect for entertaining guests, complete with a kitchen, large bar, and adjustable dining table.  The new closed version features an aft sliding glass door, oversized windows, and a very large retractable sky light located in the center of the living room, making this cozy living room a bright airy space directly connected with the outside.


The layout of this Filippetti Navetta 26 has been completely customized in order to exceed the expectations and requests of the owner. Taking into account that this yacht will be sailing the Northern Seas with cooler temperatures, a number of design elements have been adjusted to make life on board comfortable so the owner can enjoy the pleasure of cruising, even from the inside.

The upper deck houses the full beam wheelhouse, where the captain can safely maneuver the boat with a sweeping view, while the aft features a spacious outdoor area furnished with large sun beds and a dining table. A closed fly deck has been chosen for the configuration of this vessel, outfitted with a sliding door system that allows the space to open up to the outside.

The main deck is the heart of the boat. Off the cockpit, a comfortable outdoor seating area is set up with a coffee table, comfortable chairs, and easy access into the living room that is perfect for watching TV and enjoying good company on the semi-circular sofa. Moving forward is the starboard kitchen and on the left, a convenient bathroom. At the extreme bow, you’ll find an area that is entirely new for boats of this length: the dining room. This area has a spectacular view of the open sea, where you can enjoy a 180-degree view while you dine, thanks to the large windows that wrap around the perimeter of the boat, letting the light stream in from every angle. At the bow is an outdoor area with sofa chairs and two small tables, a perfect oasis to enjoy the pleasure of sailing.

The two sleeping areas in this Navetta, which can be accessed through a staircase located midship on the main deck, and the lower deck have two spacious cabins (Master and VIP) designed to comfortably accommodate four guests. This arrangement has been commissioned by the owner of the boat who decided to decrease the number of cabins on board (configurations typically have been either a 4 or 5 cabin layouts) in favor of more spaces. The expansive full beam master cabin is the owner’s suite providing plenty of private space. In standard configurations of the Navetta, the master suite had been located on the upper mid deck, however, the owner of this vessel has chosen to move the master suite to the lower deck, in order to create a dining room with a panoramic view.  Covering 25 m2, the suite consists of a sleeping area, hallway, and a spacious wardrobe with the addition of a dedicated walk-in closet and en suite bathroom. The large bathroom with an oversized shower has taken the place of an entire guest cabin in the typical configurations. The custom configuration of this space has also allowed the owner room to build a private gym area in the front, complete with professional Technogym fitness equipment and an entertainment system. Completing the cabin area is the VIP cabin with a private bathroom and spacious wardrobe. Both cabins are equipped with large rectangular windows that illuminate the entire room and provide stunning views of the seascape.

Farther aft with access from the main deck and completely separate from the other rooms is crew quarters set up for two people with a bathroom, small kitchen, and direct access to the engine room.

The Filippetti Navetta 26 also has a large garage which can accommodate a jet ski, tender, or other water toys.

The décor on board is a perfect balance between classic and modern, harmoniously incorporating both elegant and contemporary styles, resulting in a stylish and friendly atmosphere. The striking interior uses carefully selected materials and exclusive furnishing. The leathers, lacquered surfaces, and original fabrics in neutral tones combine with the warm characteristics of American walnut, creating a striking color contrast. In the bathrooms, exquisite marble has been chosen, including Eramosa and Navona travertine.

This Navetta 26 is equipped with twin MAN R6 engines 730 hp and features a double stabilization system, a pair of AB TRACK fins and a SEAKEEPER gyroscopic stabilizer to ensure the best results and smooth cruising.

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After completing all the installations and all stages of construction, the yacht is ready to be tested.

Some intermediate tests are carried out in a tub, where all onboard systems and the general mechanics parts are tested. For true sea tests, however, the boat is brought to the water where performance, comfort and silence are tested.

After the internal sea test the yacht is delivered to the shipowner, when he has the possibility to test the boat for the first time.


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Building a yacht is not an impulsive decision, but it put the basis on the experience and professionalism of the shipyard that designing the boat. After identifying with the ship owner the characteristics that the boat has to have, defining everything in smallest details, the construction may start.

This is the most delicate phase because from here is possible to understand whether the builder is competent. The experience is now the most important factor that ensures a well-done construction. In Filippetti Yacht, professionalism is guaranteed by the more than thirty years of Fausto Filippetti‘s experience: the yard offers all the knowledge to its customers to create a solid and safe boats.

All Filippetti yachts are made in fiberglass through the vacuum infusion technique (SCRIMP SYSTEM). The creation of the hull, deck and superstructure is carried out with the same process of building on a female mold with single-layer bottom lamination and sandwich sides with PVC core. At this point, the shipyard can start with the realization of electrical and hydraulic systems, to the painting and to the external and internal installation.

Regularly a report is sent to the owner to keep it updated on the construction phases.

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The construction of a custom yacht is never an impulse decision.

Owners spend many hours researching the experience and professionalism of the shipyard that will bring their vision to life.

Construction of a Yacht in fiberglassSelecting the right shipyard is an extremely important step in ensuring that your yacht is built with the quality craftsmanship you deserve.

Filippetti Yacht: More than 40 years of Experience

At Filippetti Yacht, professionalism and quality is always guaranteed.  With Fausto Filippetti’s over thirty years of experience, Filippetti Yachts has honed its craft in creating safe, solid, and luxurious yachts.

Filippetti Yacht encourages the owner’s involvement, sending regular reports to keep them informed on all phases of construction, and welcoming their input when it comes to design and creation of their Yacht.

Yacht in Vetroresina Fasi di Costruzione When it comes to selecting a shipyard, be sure to consider not only the design,  quality, and experience they offer but also the commitment to the professionalism you will receive during the construction process.


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At 35 meters in length, the Filippetti Navetta 35 is the Flagship Yacht of the Filipetti Navetta Series. Designed in partnership with Hot Lab Yacht and Design for both the interior and exterior, the Navetta 35 boasts 5 cabins in the standard layout, with a full beam master suite on the main deck and 3 impressive solarium areas. Like all Filippetti Yachts, the Filippetti Navetta 35 is also completely customizable from the layout to the décor.

This vessel offers the owner seemingly endless amounts of space. Onboard there are three solarium areas, all of them grandiose and private: one on the bow, one on the stern, and a third at the center of the boat.

On the main deck, you will find the impressively voluminous master cabin. It is the largest in its category, and comes equipped with a bathroom and wardrobe. The main salon and the exterior dinette, located at the stern, ensure exclusivity for the master cabin.

The Filippetti Navetta 35 has another four cabins, three doubles and a single, all with a private bathrooms located below deck providing the upmost comfort for guests. The gym, located right in the center of the yacht, is another distinctive amenity offered. It features high-tech fitness equipment, a massage table, and a sauna. The gym has a spectacular view as well, with a balcony that can be opened and closed, creating a second platform on the sea.

On the Flybridge area, the solarium is complete with a whirlpool tub, as well as a bow area with two large sofas and coffee tables, offering comfort and privacy. Located separately is a living area with a dining table, and wheelhouse. Above the Flybridge, you will find another reserved solarium located at the tallest point on the yacht, to capture the most breathtaking views anywhere in the world.

Spectacular amounts of light flood and illuminate the boat, provided by the large windows located all throughout the vessel. In the master cabin, the windows run 180° towards the bow, offering impressive, wide-ranging views. Beneath the deck, in the center, the VIP cabin runs the whole length of the yacht and features large portholes on both sides.

The Engine room of the Filippetti Navetta 35 hosts two TWIN CAT 1,150 HP engines that can reach a cruising speed of 14 knots and a maximum speed of 18 knots. With 30,000 liters of fuel, 4,500 nautical miles range, the Navetta 35 guarantees more than fifteen days of continuous navigation for long and relaxing cruises in harmony with the sea and with the minimal environmental impact.

Discover more about Filippetti Navetta 35.


We have already presented the new version of the Filippetti Navetta 26, inaugurated by the construction in progress which will leave the shipyard in the coming months.

This new configuration allows the amateur to enjoy an internal sitting area, which can be opened if necessary, thanks to the retractable side windows and large ceiling windows (Find out more).

This welcoming salon has been curated by Hot Lab Yacht & Design, which has designed the interiors of the entire boat. Every detail has been studied to create a perfect balance between an elegant style and a more refined one: the result is an extremely welcoming environment where classic and modern merge into a harmonious system. The interiors are striking for their precious materials and exclusive furnishings.

The refined leathers, the lacquered surfaces, and the original fabrics in neutral shades combined with the warm tones of the essence of American walnut wood, creating an evocative chromatic contrast that enhances the style. The lounge has been set up with a relaxation area, a comfortable leather sofa and a natural wood teak coffee table welcome guests.

To complete this space, a white maple wood bar cabinet conceived as a large and functional space.


For more information about our new Navetta 26 Convertible version:

Fly Bridge Yacht 93 feet


Article written by the editor Maria Roberta Morso, published in the January- February issue of the Australian Ocean Magazine.

Thank you Maria Roberta!

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Press Office Filippetti Yacht


The Filippetti shipyard is working on construction of a custom Filippetti Navetta 26. This new build has allowed us to introduce a new fly deck Filippetti Navetta 26 configuration that will now be available to all Filippetti customers.

New owners can choose between the open version of the fly deck, that features a wide terrace with a bar, sundeck and a dining area that can be covered by a canopy, or a flexible version of the fly deck. The flexible version offers a spacious living room perfect for entertaining guests, complete with a kitchen, large bar, and adjustable dining table. This new configurations has been specifically designed to sail in the northen sea. It features an aft sliding glass door, oversized windows, and a large retractable sky light located in the center of the room, making this cozy living room a bright airy space.

How to design a custom yacht


Like any work of art, there are countless hours that go into creating a Filippetti Yacht.

Not only do the Yachts require many hours of labor and hand-craftsmanship to build, but Filippetti also spends a great deal of time on the planning and design process to ensure that every yacht is uniquely crafted.

When a shipowner decides to buy a Filippetti, he buys more than just a Yacht. From the moment the contract is signed, the owner becomes a part of the team. They drive the vision of the team’s work, whose focus is to understand and fulfill the wishes of the owner.

Unlike other mass production shipyards that only allow personalization in décor, Filippetti works with owners to customize every element. This personal approach is fundamental in Filippetti’s work process and serves as the basis for every creation. Before construction begins, Filippetti’s technical team analyzes the owner’s requests and creates proposals for creating custom solutions. Together, the team crafts the plans for the perfect Yacht.

As a luxury yacht boutique, Filippetti Yacht sees every customer request as an opportunity to innovate and bring the owner’s dreams to life.


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